Second Shot Whatnots

Waiting the required 15 minutes. On St. Patrick's Day I received my second Pfizer vaccination shot at the mass vaccination site also known as the Oakland Collesuem. Only two factors disappointed: There were half as many people there this second time around. It could have been the timing since I went through 90 minutes earlier,… Continue reading Second Shot Whatnots


Annual Elder Artic Chariot Racers

The wind tore through the night like an invisible giant hurling frozen tumbleweeds into trembling cacti. The bright flood lights glanced off the large chunks of snow that whipped in all directions before blanketing the desert plants. “On your marks!” boomed the mayor’s voice through his megaphone. Each contestant instinctively gripped the reigns of their… Continue reading Annual Elder Artic Chariot Racers


Covid19 Survival Skills (a.k.a. cooking)

Which is the greatest supporting evidence to my claim that I am now a home cook:  that I successfully cooked my first turkey or that I bought myself a knife called a cleaver? Cooking my first bird is a big step. At the somewhat ancient age of 46 I bought, bathed, and baked my first… Continue reading Covid19 Survival Skills (a.k.a. cooking)


Defending Fruitcake

Every December fruitcake, the most misunderstood holiday treat, is forced back into the holiday spotlight again for more abuse. Hate on its unimaginative loaf shape. Mock its colorful but unrecognizable “food-like” ingredients. Ostracize it with a journey straight from the front door to the trashcan. But do this at your own risk of self-deprivation... and mob mentality.


The Birthday Blues E-S-S-A-Y

Warning: be prepared for s-sound overload in the S paragraphs Every year the inevitable happens; I grow another year wiser. Each birthday has significance in some way, big or small, and my birthday that took place a few days ago was no different. Except this year’s birthday took place in the middle of the coronavirus… Continue reading The Birthday Blues E-S-S-A-Y